The transformation begins the moment you say “yes”.

Black, Indigenous, Queer, Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and People of Color of all abilities deserve access, to be safe, and seen everywhere.

The workplace is no exception.

Did you read that and say, “uh huh. Yep! But HOW, Lacey?”

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

Conflict Resolution Education & Wellness Design

At the root of culture, you will find people. In order to create culture, people must communicate. With communication and people, you will find conflict. As a conflict practitioner, I believe it is an opportunity FOR growth, and an essential part of creating a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture is having a solid conflict management system in place.

Conflict Resolution Education & Wellness Design, or CREW Design, is a 4-step process that aligns with a workplace’s strategic culture change plan.

  • Evaluation-gather data; analyze current conflict landscape, formulate a plan

  • Shifting-implement, cultivate safe supports during transition                             

  • Deepening- learn, grow, and develop together  

  • Sustainability- commit to re-assess; maintain synergy in processes                             

Your company/organization will work with me to create thoroughly thought out and carefully constructed systems, processes, and safe spaces for conflict to land and be held within your workplace. This looks different depending on your needs, but can include:

  • D&I policy reviews

  • Shared language and agreements around the office

  • Office dialogue circles to build community

  • Mediation conflict coaching, interpersonal group training

  • Emergency intervention plan

Photography by Cassidy Friedman

Photography by Cassidy Friedman

Interpersonal Group Training / Conflict Coaching / Mediation

Utilizing powerful conflict resolution skills, participants will practice active listening, empathy and understanding, honoring our differences, and using interests, needs, and values as driving forces for resolution. An individual or team will use hands-on activities and skill-building scenarios to bring all the pieces together, leaving with tools and strategies to support change in the conflict dynamics. This can be a stand-alone service or a series, depending if it’s coaching, mediation or interpersonal group training.