Law School: Year One

Yesterday I received a phone call confirming where I will be spending the 2nd, and hopefully last leg of my law school experience before I take the Bar Exam. I accepted a position at Disability Rights California as a Legal Secretary!

I will get to work across departments such as special education in schools, performing work involving the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons with disabilities in prisons, and volunteering in LGBT and communities of color. I mean wwwwhhhhaaaaaatttt!!!!! 😍

This first year of my apprenticeship has been the most challenging, yet rewarding experience I've had educationally. There is something to be said for on-the-job training, and while law school is a big undertaking, studying to become an attorney while gaining valuable work experience alongside great mentors, networking, and learning more and more of what NOT to do while being a law student (I.e. attempt to start a business, drop time-management, and forget the all-important self-care), I'm just effing thankful I get to do it!

So here's to Year One, to Tiffany for putting up with my ever-changing mind of how I wanted to tackle the beast of legal apprenticeship and for loving me in the most anxious of times. To my first mentoring attorney, Camille for opening your office space to me, sharing your amazing network of people, and reminding me of the big picture...mmmm...more often than you probably cared to.

To my twelve-year old self who blurted out to my sixth grade class, "I want to be a lawyer one day!" When I was told "no, you can do that" and doubted my abilities more than I care to admit right now, that little innocent and powerful hint of the dream is part of what keeps me going. It had nothing to do with ANYONE but me.

And to now, 31-year old Lacey, the young woman who refuses to give up or allow anxiety or depression or any form of oppression keep her from her pursuit of happiness and self-discovery: I'm proud of you. You're living proof that dreams do not die and no matter when you start, the stars, moon, sun, and every blade of grass will bend & swirl for you because you WANT it that bad.

Year 2. Let's go.

Lacey Wilson