The "A" Word

Anxiety is a b#%!* sometimes.

There's a fine line between anxious thoughts and what your gut/instinct is really feeling or wanting to show you. Ugh.

The overwhelm is real and comes out of nowhere sometimes. My response it to write, center myself in some way, and remember that I'm safe. Anxiety can convince me that I can't trust anyone, that I'm a failure and my own wife doesn't want me. Ain't that some shit?!?! Letting go and working through the triggers, communicating more than I sometimes care to (introvert problems...why tho?!) at least allow me to enter a space that is calmer and I can think rationally.

Relationships are hard to navigate sometimes-who is authentic, who is only nosey, who manipulates and only keeps you close when it's beneficial for them, etc.- it's exhausting.

I remind myself that my community and people I hold close love me, that I'm safe, and my reality is quite lovely. I work in my own awareness, authenticity, and operate in integrity, trusting that I do know myself and no matter what, I will be fine. Gotta encourage myself first so I can be the badass wife/friend/confidant/soul sister possible.

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