Nov. 1: Thank You For Meeting Me.

November blog post.png

Hello November. You bring with you a natural sense of gratitude and community, a “well, hello there” and “how you doin’”. I appreciate it all. I woke up happy to see and feel you, ready for a fresh Day 1. And also, I noted the uneasiness in my stomach followed by a tiny wave of nausea. I promise to not ignore why it happened.

There is a sting in November this year.

The stings comes a year later, after one of the hardest Novembers I’ve experienced. As this month unfolds, I will share as much as I give myself permission to share regarding the journey through the next few months. My heart is lighter because Iv’e done the work, but as grief and transformation goes, the waves may be less intense and gratitude abounds, but the memories and “first anniversaries” still come around. There’s room for it all.

I’m embracing each day of my reality with undeniable awareness and strength. I may trip on a memory and practice much-needed self-compassion when I think “My gosh, that happened. How did I not see it sooner? Why didn’t I walk away then?”

Judgement-free November. Self-love November. Self-compassion-November. Fierce and fiery November. Sexy November. Authentic and true-to-me November.

I will meet November where I am, one day at a time.

It is also my birth month. You know that feeling, when you want to celebrate your birthday all month long like you’re a kid all over again. Why is that so satisfying? Maybe as adults, we gather this sense of ownership over the mundane and simplicities. I can only speak for myself, so I, Lacey, feel a sense of ownership over the mundane and simplicities that surface in my life. The subtle moments that end up taking my breath away hardly go unnoticed. So I’m celebrating my birthday in mundane, simple, and subtle ways all month.

What’s November looking like for you? How are you embracing a fresh Day 1?

I’m looking forward to being in this space with you.

Thank you for meeting me here.

Lacey WilsonComment