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like lemons, it tasted bitter on my tongue. 

resentment and anger crowded the corners of my smiles, and when I wept, i felt worse. 

i remember standing in that room, that god-forsaken room, barefoot and terrified that i would never make it out of the hell i lived in for years. 

my lips cracked and started to bleed. 

my eyes burned. everything hurt, and the ache for something healthy, something that didn't make my thoughts spiral only grew stronger. 

i wanted to know and love myself more. i wanted to fall in to a love that made sense. 

i craved the taste of sweet. 

a little watermelon.

shit, a spoonful of honey will do.

something that didn't taste like lemons. 


- Lacey Cherice


Honoring the Passage of Time

Honoring the Passage of Time

letting go