Start Of My Journey To Acceptance

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I returned from vacation in Paris and Rome this past Saturday. My plan is to write about the adventures, but I have yet to find words for it. I mean, y’all! It was my first time in Paris, second time in Rome. Paris?!? Talk about an inspiring city. The energy and style was almost too much for me at times. There were a myriad of moments I brought home with me in my feelings- choosing to share my writing ideas, unapologetically. I have handled my dream of being a writer loosely in my hand for years. It gets drowned out by certifications, degrees, you know, the “shoulds” and expectations of what a profession or career really looks like. I am accepting my passion to tell stories, inspire others in words and photos, as true, real, and available to me to live out loud. No excuses. No judgement.

A lot of times, I find myself in the overwhelm of “Geez, where do I start? Don’t I need to immerse myself in some type of training course to make this happen? Will people really take my words and passion seriously? How the hell do I make money as a writer? As I walked and took in the sights and sounds of Europe, I realized none of that matters. I am choosing to make room for how I want to dance in this world. I accept my gifts on a synergistic level, one that has no choice but to manifest fully. I consider myself a Highly Sensitive Person, subject to empathy overload and too much sensory input external stimuli. I will shut the f*** down from too much negative OR positive energy (more on that later. It’s not as strange as it sounds). What that means is I proceed with intention. With caution. I have the opportunity to learn to trust myself more and more on this journey of acceptance of my true self. As I typed that, my stomach started to flip because resolve takes patience and practice. I’m learning. You can, too.

I asked my Instagram community to join me in a 300-word free-write centered around the following prompt: “

I knew from the start of my journey to ________, I would…”

What’s happening for you? How are you in or out of alignment with where you’re going? I’d love to swap stories with you. Email me at hello@laceycherice, and let’s chat!

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