Grown + unafraid to live my peace.

Having writing as spiritual practice means so much of what I write happens in the moment. How does one make a discipline of spontaneity? Ironically, I am unable to put into words how it is unfolding for me, but it’s working. I’m satisfied with what I’m creating. It’s easier to connect to the words, photos, and stories I come up with and am also inspired by daily. There are SO many talented creatives in the world.

I came across this photo by Photo by Maria Badasian on Unsplash that inspired the headline for this post. It’s the energy that is carried through the prose I wrote this morning before going to my 9-5.

I hope it inspires you to pause and embrace the strength you possess upon waking. When you feel like your load is getting to a bit too much, remember you also carry the strength of a thousand ancestors.

I’m also speaking to myself as I write this. We all need a lil’ kick-in-the-ass reminder.

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