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Four Writers I Adore

Four Writers I Adore

I have always loved creative writing, but poetry is something I never thought I'd write. I don't even think I write poetry; it's more prose than anything else. Either way, I was use to having formulas and structure around my writing...until it no longer made sense.

Snippets of stories with deeper roots. That's what I wanted. 

I am easily overwhelmed by the number of writers in the world and sometimes ask, "why would anyone want to read my stuff?" And then I remember-no one has lived my story. The moments I share as the penholder come from feelings only I know. When I think of influential role models in the writing community, mine bring forth a very similar feel. 

Their words are shaped by their own truth. I gleam so much inspiration from their work and am a lot less insecure about my own form and style of writing. You may have heard of them all or none of them. Either way, I adore them and that is why I'm sharing. 

Nayirrah Waheed 


Rupi Kaur


endless grace, 

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// writing swag

sept .28: write a societal awareness statement

sept .28: write a societal awareness statement