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sept .07: surrender one thought

sept .07: surrender one thought

This week I have struggled so much with letting shit go and keeping a clear mind.

If you're anything like me-a spaz who ends up in a vortex of unrealistic thinking but looks like she's calm as a cool breeze-you have to be extra, extra purposeful about what you think about, dwell on, and weigh as truth. 

I'm practicing this one with you today- hardcore. 

Pick one. Yes, just one of your thousands of those trinkets swirling up there. 

And surrender it. Find a word or phrase in you that means, "I am letting this go and if I have to say it out loud every time the thought passes by, I will. And I will replace it with one healthy thought. Finish. That's it. 

Surrender just one. 

I plan to do an Instagram Live on what happened when I did this with a few nights ago. And by night, I mean some time between 2 am-4 am.

Surrender one thought and be gentle with yourself in the process of experiencing the freedom. It may take time, and that's ok. 

Endless grace,


sept. 08: Acknowledge Your Own Humanity

sept. 08: Acknowledge Your Own Humanity

sept .06: describe home with your senses

sept .06: describe home with your senses