sept. 05: intentional connection

You still have your day.02 list of 50 people, right? Good! Get it out. 

How often do we just spat off comments or questions to people without really listening? Every. Damn. Day. We all know when we're genuinely connecting with someone in conversation and when we're thinking about how soggy the tomato made our lunch sandwich. Before you know it, your mouth is all sideways and you're staring at the other person's hairline, pissed off.

Today is about intentional connection and asking questions on purpose- different from asking purposeful questions. It doesn't have to be something that brings the other person to tears or requires deep thinking. The point is to be present with them, even if they are telling you about how itchy their feet are.

So, no. 5 on your list is the lucky one today, and here's your prompt:

 "If I could ask _( name of #5 on your list) _________ one thing, it would be __________. 

Ask on purpose, out of genuine curiosity, and take time to really listen to the response. And at the end, wish them well. 

Put some positive energy out there, folks.


Endless grace,  


Lacey WilsonComment