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sept .28: write a societal awareness statement

sept .28: write a societal awareness statement

You have something to say about your country? This world?

What's your truth regarding the political climate? How do you really feel? Get in the trenches and talk with yourself about what's going on. Write your own societal awareness statement. You can share it or not. It's yours to come back to when you find yourself stuck in the shallow end of living. 


My Societal Awareness Statement

So done with the amount of bullshit people are focused on in this country, including myself.

Bigger houses, expensive clothing, working in places just because they pay well and you can buy more stuff! People think sending money is the answer or taking over neighborhoods will make it better.

What does it really take to improve the quality of life people experience?

Education? Healing wounds? Sustainable living? Healthcare that focuses on the cause? Conversations that remind us just how connected we all are.

I don't know...

But I gotta get in the trenches to find out. I'm over the mundane, same ol', same ol' bullshit. I'm done trying to fix broken systems. It's time to focus my energy on creating new ones.


Endless grace, 


Four Writers I Adore

Four Writers I Adore

sept.26: play a little

sept.26: play a little