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sept .20: Think About Happiness

sept .20: Think About Happiness

What is it that genuinely makes you happy?

Conjure up some good, belly laugh-worthy moments and sit with them for a while. 

Is it a photograph of you and someone you love?

Maybe knowing all of your laundry is done. (I know, I talk about laundry more than necessary. Can you tell it's not my fave?). 

What about seeing your significant other do something so incredibly funny. Or that time you managed to cause the entire group of people you were with to almost pee their pants from laughing so hard. 

Maybe it was you laughing so hard at the other person. 

Maybe you're alone with your favorite book or creative project, enjoying the silence and feel of grass between your toes.

I can think of SO many moments that make bring me true happiness. 

Do it. Your body, soul, and mind will thank you for it. 

Endless grace, 


sept. 21 + 22: breathe deeply

sept. 21 + 22: breathe deeply

sept. 19: take a nap

sept. 19: take a nap