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sept. 02: fifty people

sept. 02: fifty people

Make a list of people the first 50 people who come to mind.



The lady behind you in the library line. 

Your favorite barista + the one who never puts enough caramel drizzle on your frappuccino (you know you have one)

Your first grade teacher. 

If you're on a roll, keep going. If you are unsure if you even know that many people, try harder. But really, do your best to list at least 50. 

When you're done, put it in a safe space for later. DO NOT throw it away or show it to anyone. It's an exercise for you. We will work with this same list a different day this month. 

Nice work! Day 2 down (day 1 was to commit, which I am assuming you have done even if you made the agreement with yourself today. it counts). 

Endless grace, 

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sept. 03: rid yourself of one thing

sept. 03: rid yourself of one thing

sept. 01: commit

sept. 01: commit