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sept. 19: take a nap

sept. 19: take a nap

Why didn't I listen to my teachers and take naps in kindergarten?

Y'all, I have been so tired.

We had a great weekend with friends in SoCal but back at work today. I thought I'd feel refreshed after our mini getaway, but nope! I got up this morning for work, groggy, whiny, and wishing I could just stay in bed. 

But I'm here in all my exhausted glory. 

I know it's more emotional than physical. My wife and I have a lot of changes happening at once, and even though they are all good, it's taking a toll on my ability to stay present and not feel wiped out. 

Naps are a quick way to give yourself mind and body a break. 15 minutes of darkness and deep breaths can reset your brain, making you ready to push through your next task. Several years ago, I experienced months of anxiety and panic attacks. They would happen at any time, and I'd find myself lost, not knowing how to stop it so I could get through whatever I was doing. If I were in a place where naps were possible (or I could get the heck out of dodge), I would do it. It was the only thing that broke the cycle for me, at least for that moment. 

Don't allow yourself to get to a place where you're desperate for rest. If you're reading this and you need a timeout, go take it. Close your eyes and drift for a good, solid 15-20 mins. Unfortunately, I am not in a place where that is possible, but dang it, I can encourage others to do so. 

If need be, take a nap. 

Endless grace, 


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