sept. 12: let the hard times roll

I mean, I know what the original quote is, but I'm not feeling it at the moment. 

Crap happens. Crappy days occur. Shit sucks sometimes. 

What do you do when you feel so stuck? How do you let go during those moments of not being able to think through your situation any longer. All you want to do is crawl in a hold and sleep for a hot minute.

 I don't have an answer because right now, that is precisely where I am.

I'm feeling my way through, letting the hard times roll just like I do when the times are good. 

And who is to say this isn't a good time? HA! jk. I'm done masking my emotions. These moments pass, too. So I'm going to cartwheel on through it. 

How do you respond in hard times? Is there one aspect of the situation you can let roll? Anything you can do cartwheels through?

Endless grace,



Lacey WilsonComment