sept .10: put away the laundry

It's practical, and a responsibility we either despise, tolerate, or thoroughly enjoy (those of you in the last group are weirdos, but I ain't mad at cha). 

Do the damn laundry. If it's the only chore on the to-do list you complete, fine. I love the feeling of every shirt, pair of undies, socks, and denim put in its rightful place. 

In between the wash and dry cycle is where procrastination rears its ugly head, like a happy sloth. Push through. I literally had to say out loud, "I can't decide if I want to do laundry now or take a break (this is after swimming all afternoon). Nope, I'll do it later. Nope, I'm doing it right now." 

The wifey was stunned. :) 

Decide and do. Today is the laundry.  

Endless grace,  


Lacey WilsonComment