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sept. 01: commit

sept. 01: commit

Commit to what?

To change. 

To vulnerability. 

To the possibility that you're present condition can be as peaceful as you want it to be. 

Does that mean shit won't hit the fan or you can escape feeling? hell no!

But it does mean your reactions to those two things can change.

The goal is to crumble less if you don't get all the laundry put away. It is to say yes to that yoga class or call and say "how are you" to that person who keeps coming to mind after years of silence. It's about creating healthy boundaries within yourself with confidence + honesty so you trust yourself to make the best decision for you and yours, at all times. 

Commit to growth and simplifying your emotional space this month. And be kind to yourself. 

That's all. 

You ready? I'm with you!

Endless grace, 

sept. 02: fifty people

sept. 02: fifty people