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It's what we did when Friday Night Lights went out. 

circled up, staring into flames. mosquitoes

at our legs but no one cared. 

the smell of burning firewood tickling our noses and seeping 

into our threads, leaving its welcoming scent for us to wake up to the next morning.

friends and fire 

after the fireflies said goodnight. 


Can you tell I'm ready for fall? The memories of bonfires and bugs and black skies came flooding back to me today. Thankfully, we live in California so the bug situation is less intense. 

 I wanted to share a memory and hope you have some lovely moments, old and present that take you to that same spot around a fire with the perfect people or alone if that's how you roll. 


sept. 01: commit

sept. 01: commit

The Endinning

The Endinning