Grounded Again

She wasn’t quite sure when the stirring started.

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For some time, her mind and heart were still. She was able to hear the slight, unsteady rumble underneath her breath.

But over some time, her thoughts grew louder, drowning out the solitude that stemmed from within.

There were moments when she returned to that place inside. She grieved a little. It had been a long time since she was able to speak every sense, want, and need.

At some point, she quit returning.

But she’s aware. She knows what to give herself in order to feel connected, vulnerable within her own veins, her own breath. The tension in her body seeps through cocoa eyes, struggling to find words.

She’s floating but she desires her feet on the ground.

She craves the earth, roots stretched beneath, happy to be out of sight, steady and sure.

She chooses to be grounded again.


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