Real Talk Academy: A Transformative & Laid Back Space To Talk About Tough S*%!

As a writer and conflict educator, there's nothing more gratifying than creating transformative spaces alongside public service professionals, entrepreneurs, non-profit executives, families, and friends who desire to shift the dialogue in their homes and workplaces around racial and cultural communication.

I am THRILLED to announce the creation of REAL TALK ACADEMY!



REAL TALK ACADEMY will challenge your edges.

REAL TALK ACADEMY is a space where all you have to do is show up as you are, open and willing to expand from within, without judgment, without pressure to perform.

REAL TALK ACADEMY is an opportunity to hear authentic stories and apply new learning to your everyday life.

REAL TALK ACADEMY is a heart offering. It is the bridge in cross-cultural relationships.

It is understanding, accepting, and celebrating our own presence on this planet.

It is learning. Growing.

Join me for online masterclasses, exclusive interviews, self-reflection, and fun as we discuss:

Masterclass Topics.png

 I’m serious about the fun! You gotta be there to find out. :)

See you in class!

-Lacey Cherice Wilson

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