Honoring the Passage of Time



Where the heck did half of 2018 go? If I'm being honest, I'm thankful for the passage of time. The beginning of this year was the hardest transition of my life. The intensity would knock you over, and I can say that because it had me on my living room, bedroom, and bathroom floor in tears, having to use every ounce of energy to pick myself up and keep going. And here I am on August 1st, writing about those memories instead of them being my reality. Healing really does happen with time. 

But only if you are an active participant in your healing journey. 

It is up to you to decide how your healing adventure will take place. Are you one to spend more time in silence and aloneness or do you prefer to be surrounded by your tribe, dissecting and expanding on all the thoughts and feelings that surface? There is no right or wrong answer. Think of how over time, you have healed. Be curious about how you can sit with yourself, with or without another person present, and what that looks like as life continues to unfold. How do you feel? What resonates with you in the present moment now that you have had time to process? Are your eyes open wider? Can you breathe deeper without fear of the blow? Does your sleep come sooner than before? Is saying "I wish you well" something you can mouth to the person you felt hurt, betrayed, abandoned, or devastated by? Are you simply thankful to be present in your day-to-day routine? Has laughter shown up in ways it didn't before? 

I don't believe in writing lengthy blog posts for the sake of a lengthy blog post. A shit ton of words is not always needed for someone to formulate their ideas or reflections about what's being presented. I love the open-ended processing, allowing each person to have a unique experience through a writer's words, a lesson I learned after publishing my last book.

On that note, I'll leave you with this: 

In what ways can you honor your healing over time? 

All the love and light, 


Lacey WilsonComment