words & nature & ease

I am one who appreciates many aspects of design and style. The combinations are endless and people are inspired by an array of things- food, travel, the arts, and the list goes on. If I had to choose three words to describe my style, it would be these three- words, nature, ease. 


As a writer, I love seeing words and phrases weaved into spaces. Whether a framed personal quote or a simple phrase on the wall, having words connected to spaces makes me giddy. 




If you find anything more healing than the presence of flora, let me know. Indoors or outdoors, I can't imagine not having greenery. I'm a plant girl with the perfect bouquet of flowers every now and then. Give me all the potted herbs and cacti, and I'll throw gratitude like confetti. Talk about swoon...


I'm not the one for fuss. I prefer uncluttered, relatively minimal, and organized spaces. However, I am a sucker for cozy and that means layers of textures, textiles patterns, and all of warmth! When I decorate, I am sure to have at least one fluffy throw hanging over the arm of a neutral sofa. Pillows on pillows on pillows. Sleepy, earthy vibes. A sense of being grounded. Easy, like Sunday morning. Alike so...


Harper Arrow

Sigh...in the best way. I hope you're inspired to think about what words and images reflect your own personal connection to home. Feel free to share in the comments and reach out via email. I'm always up for discussion about design and home! 

Love & Light, 

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