A Note: Be Gentle With Yourself

Saying no means saying yes to something else.
— anonymous

We’re only five days into the month of October, and I have already found myself overwhelmed by my calendar. Last week, I was so put off by my commitments, I wanted to cancel them all but kept going. At some point, the option to say “NO” did not cross my mind, and I ended up exhausted and unable to stay present with myself. I became so frustrated, almost to the point of blaming other people for my lack of downtime. When I finally stopped long enough to take a few deep breaths, the guilt and self-criticism set in. I knew I was depleted and could feel myself sinking. I wanted to nap, that’s all.

I stopped. Deep breaths filled my lungs once again, and I tapped into a tinge of self-compassion that seemed to be the shimmer I needed to pull myself out of the mud.

All I needed was to be gentle with myself.

Saying “no” to others is acceptable. Saying “yes” to yourself is necessary.

Lacey WilsonComment