5 Poems to Remind You of Your Glow


As my granny would say, listen here, child… :)

Nothing could grab my attention quicker than her demand to be listened to. It was a gift of hers, I choose to believe. I lost my grandmother seven years ago, and have found healing through writing. Her presence was a force. She raised 14 children and at least five of her grandchildren. You wanna talk about fierce. So whenever I need to be reminded of my own ability to command what I need and want in my life, I lean into her voice.

It’s alright if you find yourself feelin’ some type of way about who you are, where you are going, or what you need right now. We all could use some gems to support our process of making choices from an authentic place within ourselves. So these five poems are for you. Remember your glow. You are worthy. My grandmother would tell you so.

Copy of Copy of every good thing.png
I am cleansed by my 
soul’s ability to 
stop  shrinking  to fit places you have outgrown..png
i call it me.png
Copy of Copy of Copy of every good thing.png

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