5 Phrases To Give Yourself When You're "Done With This Shit"

Yaaassss, honey. I, too, am familiar with that moment. You see red and nothing else matters except the fire in your chest. It’s the breaking point, the cliff, the single strand of fiber you’ve been clinging to a hell of a lot longer than you planned. You have taken hit after punch after unforgivable stabs in the back. What does it mean when you finally throw up your arms and say, “I’m done with this shit”?

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If you are someone who has reached this level of “fuck it”, welcome.

Take a deep breath.

And another...

One more…

Ok. Hopefully you’re no longer ready to drop kick the next person you see. :) As you continue to take deep breaths, I’d like to offer up 5 things you can give yourself:

  1. Breathe before speaking.

  2. It is ok for me to feel this way.

  3. I will give myself time to calm down.

  4. I am not defined by this moment.

  5. I can ask for support if I need it.

Sometimes, even as adults we need to give ourselves a little timeout. Think of it as self-partnering or self-parenting. In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to think through the best decision to make. Nobody makes clear, fully embodied decisions in lizard brain. So, give yourself time , even if it is 1 minute to chill.

And remember, you got this.

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