Moody AF: July Reflection Board

July Reflection Board (1).png

The end of July is upon us. Da hell?!?! Summer feels like a time warp, and I love it! Long days and bright summer nights do so much good for my lil’ Texas heart out here in California. It’s one thing that comes to mind as I reflect on July. A few other things come to mind as well:

  • I finally made a career pivot that feels really genuine to who I am.

  • The sunny weather in Seattle was beautiful and straight up trickery (no shade to the lovely rainy days).

  • Home is my sanctuary. I can return to it over and over. It grounds me in the pace I want to embody- full, slow, and filled with gratitude.

  • I am so happy I completed a hand sewing project.

  • The Black Thought Project at Oakland Museum of California was a moment! How incredible to have a board filled with dreams, aspirations, and magic that is the Black community.

My Moodboard for July 2019.png

It doesn’t take a lot of time to jot down your reflections or create a mood board that captures your moments in photos or quotes. You can revisit it anytime to remember how dope you are!

So how was your July? What are you grounding yourself in as the month comes to a close this week? Any end-of-month goals or tasks you’d like to take care of or are you good carrying them into August?

Comment below or email me at, and let me know your thoughts.

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July Reflection Board (1).png

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