JamiQuan Saenz: Storyteller, Cultural Consultant


I had the honor of sitting down with JamiQuan on her podcase, The Me I Was Tomorrow, and share my story with her. It was vulnerable, raw, and she was the perfect person to talk with about experiences I had never shared with anyone else. Her approach is real and leaves no room for inauthenticity. She is this week’s Story of Courage, and you will can witness a touch of her presence in her piece, Life” below.

The click

We not drunk 

But we clicked

Walkin down the street

Arm and arm 

Over the bridge from 161Yankee

The Bronx back to Harlem 125th between 7th & St. Nicholas

to the club next to the Senegalese spot.

That lamb shank is bomb 

There are lights always 

So much Noise, y’all rude as hell

I always notice how loud it is 

How everyone is moving fast but slow

Y’all angry 

My theory 

Y’all cold, the food round yo house sucks, for the most part, and y’all not having good sex or enough or is it both.. to rushed.. slow down 

I’m from California 

We have sun

Why do trees wear bags morethan leaves roundhere

This make you angry ok it makes me angry I’ll stop projecting my disbelief 

the lack of green

I walk these streets feeling these streets

No, where to go?


 I’m not in no rush

Senses wide takin in, all in 

Then out

Cause even in my grief 

I knew I was livin in majic 

131 and I’m free to travel anywhere around the city, that’s a deal

I had nothin to worry bout

It’s alive always 

I walked the streets of NY

the privilege to listen to Kings & Queen

as I walked the steps 

their presence

Had walked before me 

paving my way

I set my grief aside, 

bits by bits.

-life 11/5/18

You can find JamiQuan at:

Website: https://jamiquan.com/

Instagram: @jamiquans

Podcast: Episode 1 of our Conversation!

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