Intersectionality & Inclusion Facilitator / Writer/ Entrepreneur


“Lacey Wilson’s empathy and passion are a powerful combination that brings depth to her work. She looks for and connects to the emotions underlying racial and cultural conflict, with an understanding and acceptance of the complexity that infuses interracial spaces. She energetically asks questions and makes observations which move the conversation forward. Her willingness to reflect on her life experience (read her book, 32 Waterfalls) encourages others to express the same acceptance and authenticity. By meeting people where they are, seeking to understand them and helping them to understand others, she creates a path for constructive conflict engagement.” - Catherine C., Attorney-Mediator

Photography by Cassidy Friedman

Photography by Cassidy Friedman

“Lacey, you are a force - your forthrightness, intelligence, and passion made us all sit up and learn.” - Dana C., Attorney-Mediator

“Thank you for doing the work and having the passion to do the program that you and your cohort did at the Mediation Society dinner…. tremendous impact because it was real and raw and truth-filled.” - Anonymous