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lacey c. wilson


equity, inclusion, & belonging

family // workplace // education


Lacey is a conflict practitioner and facilitator with 10+ years of professional experience in education and conflict resolution. She utilizes both her education and lived experiences to create impact and transform relationships. Lacey is known for approaching problems with a combination of empathy, creativity, and strategy and proven ability to drive a process from initial project development through implementation.

When she’s not bringing people together, Lacey spends time in her passions- writing, travel and empowering individuals through poetry and visual communication.


My Why- A Personal Statemet

I’m a Texas native living in California.

Over the past 3 decades, I’ve learned that people change and so does everything around us. It’s like we’ve been tricked into thinking predictability and stability are a given. Ha! Jokes on us! I’ve made my fair share of shifts and turns. I’m still figuring out how to live in this vast, beautiful, and sometimes cruel world. I’m always evaluating, learning and growing in consciousness.

As a Black lesbian woman, I believe in an intersectional approach to sustainable change. I have a deep commitment to fueling diversity and inclusion efforts and success through thought-partnership and strategy. I am very proud of my values rooted in community and relationship building.

Conflict work keeps me thinking criticially and engaged with diverse perspectives and experiences. I enjoy creating spaces where individuals are empowered to create their own solutions to their issues. It’s a gift I am grateful to share in every interaction I have in my work and personal life.

Fun facts:

I look forward to connecting and working with you.


I am a human having a chilling, yet inspiring lived experience. My purpose is to help people see through their breaking points, not avoid or run away when they reach them.

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Center For Understanding in Conflict (2016-Present)
Diversity and Inclusion Program Director
Racial Bias Presenter at The Mediation Society
Strategic Planning Committee Member
Board Member

SEEDS Community Resolution Center (2018-2019)

Project Coordinator

Disability Rights California (2017-2018)
Youth/Investigations/Outreach Legal Assistant

Fremont Unified School District (2015-2016)
Employment Specialist

Bastrop Independent School District (2008-2015)
Special Education Educator & Behavior Coach

Conflict Resolution & Certifications

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Training

Center for Understanding in Conflict- Mill Valley, CA

SEEDS Community Resolution Center- Berkeley, CA