About Lacey.png

Hey, y’all. I’m Lacey.

I’m a Texas native living in California and working as a conflict facilitator, writer, and design student.

Over the past 3 decades, I’ve learned a few things:

People change and so does everything around us. It’s like we’ve been tricked into thinking predictability and stability are a given. Jokes on us! I’ve made my fair share of shifts and turns. I’m still figuring out how to live with generalized anxiety disorder in this vast, beautiful, and sometimes cruel world. All that to say, I’m not perfect nor do I pretend to be, not even as I take up space on the Internet of Things. I’m always evaluating, learning and growing in consciousness.

Fun facts:

  • Writing is one way I heal myself and connect with others.

  • I love a good DIY project and badass designed interior. Give me all the modern, scandinavian, wabi sabi, african, nature-inspired spaces! *insert drool emoji*

  • I travel to learn and free myself..

  • I really like coffee.

  • My socks hardly match, so who am I to tell you how to live your life? Am I right?

  • I love my blackness, my lesbian ways, and my small-town roots.

I hope this space inspires you to write and share the most mundane moments. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest as well and reach out via email at hello@laceycherice.com.