Photography by Cheshire Isaacs

Photography by Cheshire Isaacs


A small-town girl at heart. Born and raised in Texas in a large, Black, Southern, close-knit family. Outside of my family, my town was very White. I negatively internalized so much of who I was as a black girl, falling prey to micro-aggressions and the effects of systemic racism as early as first grade (that I can remember). On the flip side, I had incredible mentors, teachers, parents, and friends who saw and understood me. I struggled to find my voice and own my identities. I’ve been on this journey of taking up all my deserved space, formulating my truths and perspectives from a deep place. Through writing, curiosity, acceptance, self-love, and connection, I now live in the beauty of my intersectionality. As a black, gay woman, I no longer normalize that struggle for myself or others.

My commitment to conflict transformation work highlights and addresses the intersection between race, gender, sexuality, and social inequity, particularly with Black women/queer identified/people of color across many industries. As my research and presence in the field of conflict transformation grows, I find myself as one of few, if not the only, gay women of color in advanced trainings, workshops, etc. Initially the idea of speaking up in less diverse spaces brought me pause, but I quickly realized every experience and opportunity has been an entry point for me to show up as a change maker.

I like stories. I want to hear yours. Who are you? What pisses you off? What brings you child-like joy? Anything causing you pain? How are you? Let’s connect.




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